Services: Innovative research and technology 

At ChemInfoSphere we provide state of the art informatics solutions for the life sciences industry. We specialize in developing and deploying novel chemo-bioinformatics solutions for researchers in the government, academic and private sector organizations.

High throughput technologies are routinely used to study genomes, proteomes and metabolomes creating a deluge of scientific data. Success of such Omics endeavors greatly depends on the careful exploration and interpretation of this data. This has created a large demand for sophisticated tools and techniques to enable analyses driven discovery.

Our goal is to provide cutting edge, customized and cost effective informatics solutions for efficient data management, data analyses and interpretation. We develop novel quantitative methodologies and deploy efficient computational techniques to enable timely and insightful discoveries.

We work with our clients at all stages of life science discovery process, starting from hypotheses generation, experiment design, data analyses using off-the-shelf and custom designed methodologies, interpretation of results, and manuscript preparation for projects that cover a variety of scientific disciplines and use various Omics platforms. Our consulting team includes PhD level Bioinformatics and Chemo-informatics scientists with experience in government contracting, academic research and pharmaceutical industry.