Research is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Run alone and you burn out fast; run in a group supporting each other and you go far. Interdisciplinary collaborations has stoked the pace of research and encouraged the development of innovative and groundbreaking strategies in investigating increasingly novel, complex and convoluted areas. Collaborations with multidisciplinary research groups have been an integral part of my research for a long time.  I feel blessed and honored collaborating with extraordinary bright people who have either similar or complementary research interests to mine — computer scientists on one side, biologists and pharmacologists on the other. I thank all the PIs and members of research labs for all the hard work and perseverance towards our one common goal – scientific excellence.

Potential Collaborators:

We collaborate with biologists, structural biologists, medicinal chemists, pharmacologists, statisticians, and computer scientist and with anyone with exciting ideas and enthusiasm. If you can test activity of a compound you are a potential collaborator. In particular, if your protein is a molecular target in treatment of a cancer or a neglected disease.

Collaborating Labs:

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